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Electronic Filing

​​​​​​​House Bill 939, passed by the 2000 General Assembly, now codified in KRS Chapter 121, required the Registry to develop an Internet based electronic filing system for candidates’ campaign finance reports, and an accompanying web-based searchable database.
The Registry has implemented the electronic filing and disclosure system, and it has been operational since January 2002.

Approved Filing Software

The following vendors have developed Kentucky-compliant campaign finance reporting software, and the software versions noted below are approved for use under 32 KAR 2:220 and KRS 121.120(6) as noted below.

IMPORTANT: Candidates and PACs who decide to use electronic filing software from a vendor listed below must request the issuance of the necessary user ID and password. The campaign finance reports are not capable of electronic submission to the Registry without this information.​ Register Now!
Adjutant Workshop, Inc.
2055 Bond Road
Deland, FL 32720-4531
Phone: 386-822-9181
Fax: 386-738-2124
Campaign ToolBox™, version 2.6.0
Used for Candidate and Candidate Campaign Committee Reports, Political Issue Committee Reports, and Permanent Committee (PAC) Reports

1445 New York Ave, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202-686-9330
Fax: 202-686-9331
NGP Software Campaign Office, version NGP 7
Used for Candidate and Candidate Campaign Committee Reports, and Political Issue Committee Reports

Helpful Hints 

  • If you are using a client based software, please take the time to backup your files. If the hard drive on your PC crashes, you will not be able to restore the campaign finance data you have entered into the software. 
  • Please enter contributions as they are received. If you wait until your report is due to enter your contributions and expenses and experience a problem, time will be short to correct the problem.
  • Please print your report each time you enter a batch of contributions. This allows you to familiarize yourself with creating a report and to verify the correctness of the report. The report process creates a report that will alert you to possible errors such as missing occupation and employer data and cumulative contributions from a single contributor greater that $1000.
  • Please check your software version to make sure it is current. Be aware that the software vendor will be releasing newer versions of the software as "bugs" are encountered and new features are added. It is essential to be on the latest version when you submit your report.
  • Please remember to key in any previously submitted annual or quarterly reports associated with this election to ensure your cumulative totals are correct.​