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NOTICE - 3rd Party Software/Vendors

Exercise caution when making use of 3rd party software and vendors.  All policy and enforcement decisions concerning the regulation of campaign finance is the ultimate responsibility of the Registry.  Furthermore, the only method for filing campaign finance reports is through the Registry's election finance management system, which is provided free of charge to all candidates.

Any questions regarding the application of Kentucky's campaign finance law or the filing of campaign finance reports should be directed to the Registry.  Do not rely on 3rd parties.  The Registry's staff is here to assist you and answer all questions.


ALL candidates, committees, and contributing organizations are required to electronically submit all reports to the Registry.  ​This includes candidate notices of intent as well as committee registrations.  To get started with the electronic filing process, candidates should click on the "EFILE" button below:

EFILE        ​KREF 001 Instructions



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