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ATTENTION - Delinquent Filers

Pursuant to KRS 121.120(6)(i), if any candidate, slate of candidates, committee, or contributing organization does not submit the required campaign finance reports electronically by the applicable filing deadline, and are therefore in violation of campaign finance law, the Registry shall publish the candidate, slate of candidates, committee, or contributing organization's name as a delinquent filer until such time as the campaign finance report is properly filed. 

Here are the current lists​ of delinquent filers by type (updated 6/7/24): 

Candidate Delinquency List

Candidate Campaign Committee Delinquency List

Committee Delinquency List

New Legislation

​​HB 595 from the 2024 session of the General Assembly was signed into law by Governor Beshear on April 5.  The bill makes a number of changes to KRS Chapter 121, Kentucky's campaign finance law.  These changes will go into effect July 14, 2024, with one change going into effect upon the Governor signing the bill.

HB 595 may be found here: HB595_EN 

A summary of the changes made by HB 595 may be found here: 2024 HB 595 Final Summary

2024 Primary Election Independent Expenditures, Updated June 7, 2024

​​Here are the independent expenditure reports submitted for the 2024 primary​ election: 2024 Primary IEs 20240607 A-Cc2024 Primary IEs 20240607 Ce-E, and 2024 Primary IEs 20240607 F-Z.


​Printed advertising and communications paid for by a campaign should contain the following disclaimer using the candidate's name: "Paid for by John Doe."  

If the campaign has registered a committee named “Committee to Elect Jane Doe,” for example, the disclaimer for printed advertising and communications paid for by the committee on behalf of the candidate would read: "Paid for by The Committee to Elect Jane Doe."



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