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Present & Past Candidates

​​​​The candidate information is presented in two formats. The first is PDF, and the second is an ASCII text file with semi-colon delimiters. We have tested the file with Microsoft Access 8.0 and Microsoft Excel 8.0. Either of these formats should load the information into a database file suitable for your personal use.

NOTE:​ The zip code field will load into an Access table without any change. The Excel zip code field column should be formatted to be a "Number field" with no decimal places.

The fields in the text file are as follows:
County Name; Office; Location; Party; First Name; Middle Initial; Last name; Suffix; Mailing Address 1; Mailing Address 2; City; State; Zip Code

Election Results
Results can be viewed on the State B​oard of Elections (SBE) website. Any county and/or local election results not available on the SBE website may obtained by contacting the County Clerk of that county.