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Executive Committee Building Fund

​A state executive committee of a political party may establish a building fund. An Executive Committee Building Fund account may be used for expenditures related to the purchase, construction, maintenance, renovation, and repair of the state executive committee's main headquarters facility. Permissible expenditures from a building fund account shall be limited to payments for or purchases of land; leases and property taxes; appliances and fixtures; utilities, pest control, lawn care, security, and trash removal; equipment for internet telephone, cable or satellite television, or other communications services; building construction, expansion, or renovation; major and minor repairs to the state executive committee's main headquarters facility, including, but not limited to the facility's roof, foundation, and structure, and to the facility's plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems; and the services of contractors, subcontractors and other building design or construction professionals related to the state executive committee's main headquarters facility. KRS 121.172(1) and (2)​.

Executive Committee Building Fund
YearReportPeriod EndsReport DueDue From
20234th Quarter report12/31/20231/3/2024All Executive Committee Building Funds
20241st Quarter report3/31/20244/2/2024All Executive Committee Building Funds
20242nd Quarter report6/30/20247/2/2024All Executive Committee Building Funds
20243rd Quarter report9/30/202410/2/2024All Executive Committee Building Funds
20244th Quarter report12/31/20241/3/2025All Executive Committee Building Funds
20251st Quarter report3/31/20254/2/2025All Executive Committee Building Funds
20252nd Quarter report6/30/20257/2/2025All Executive Committee Building Funds
20253rd Quarter report9/30/202510/3/2025All Executive Committee Building Funds
Contribution Limits For Executive Committee Building Fund
  • From an individual: Unlimited 
  • From a corporation: Unlimited
  • From an executive committee: Unlimited 
  • From a caucus campaign committee: Unlimited 
  • From a contributing organization Help : Unlimited 
  • From a permanent committee (PAC) Help : Unlimited 
  • Cash contributions Help : $100.00 per contributor per election
  • Anonymous contributions: Not permitted

In-kind and monetary contributions jointly count toward both the “per election” and the “per year” contribution limits.

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Executive Committee Building Fund​​ FAQ​​​​​

Campaign finance law does not require the treasurer to report detailed and exact accounts of contributions of $100 or less. However, internal records must be maintained to identify the sources of contributions as they occur in order to aggregate each individual or group contribution with subsequent contributions by that particular individual or group. If a receipt is designated as "unitemized" it will not print out on the detail report. However, it will be added to the "unitemized" figure on the summary page.​​