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Contributing Organization

​A "contributing organization" is a group of individuals that merely contributes to a candidate from time to time, from funds derived solely from within the group and not solicited or received from sources outside the group itself. Contributing organizations must report to the Registry when any contributions made by the group exceed $100. KRS 121.015(4)

Contributing Organizations
YearReportPeriod EndsReport DueDue From
20254th Quarter report12/31/20251/2/2026All Active Contributing Organizations
Contribution Limits For Contributing Organization (Calculated as of January 2023)
  • From an individual: $2,100 per contributor within the group per year Help
  • From a corporation: Prohibited
  • From an executive committee: Prohibited Help
  • From a caucus campaign committee: Prohibited Help
  • From a contributing organization Help : Prohibited Help
  • From a permanent committee (PAC) Help : Prohibited Help
  • Cash contributions Help : $100.00 per contributor per election
  • Anonymous contributions: $100.00 per contributor per election (Maximum aggregate $2,000 per election)

In-kind and monetary contributions jointly count toward both the “per election” and the “per year” contribution limits.

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Contributing Organization FAQ

Political Advertising is any advertisement advocating the election or defeat of any candidate, political party, or public issue. For example, Political Advertising would NOT include the announcement of a fish fry sponsored by a political organization unless the advertisement stated that the fish fry endorses a candidate.​
The Registry assigns a number to a candidate for each election. This number will be assigned each time the candidate notifies the Registry of his or her intent to run for office. (The Primary and General are separate elections.)