Important notice regarding March 31, 2016, Opinion and Order from United States District Court in Protect My Check v. Dilger, et al. Court’s order addresses contributions from corporations, unions, and LLCs, as well as the administration of permanent committees by those entities.

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What Election Finance Does for You

The role of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance is to assure the integrity of the Commonwealth's electoral process by making certain there is full public access to campaign financial data and financial disclosure reports, and by administering Kentucky's campaign finance laws.

The Registry ensures that information reports pertinent to election campaign financing are filed on a timely basis and reviews this information for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with campaign finance laws. The Registry's regulatory function includes tracking of candidate and committee election finance activities, audit functions, investigations, review of and response to requests for advisory opinions, and adjudication of administrative charges of violations of campaign finance laws.

Under KRS Chapter 121, Kentucky's campaign finance laws apply to all candidates for office, including gubernatorial slates, judicial, statewide, legislative, city, county, and school board candidates, as well as political issue committees, permanent committees (PACs), unauthorized campaign committees, contributing organizations, inaugural committees, state and local party executive committees, and caucus campaign committees.


Candidate Welcome Packets (by spending option)

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File Your Election Finance Statement...Electronically.

House Bill 939, passed by the 2000 General Assembly, now codified in KRS Chapter 121, required the Registry to develop an Internet based electronic filing system for candidates’ campaign finance reports, and an accompanying web-based searchable database.

The Registry has implemented the electronic filing and disclosure system, and it has been operational since January 2002.

KREF's electronic filing contact is Tom Messinger. Please call Tom at (502) 573-2226 should you have any electronic filing questions.


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This searchable database contains records from 1998 to present. Detailed receipt records are included in the database for candidates, political issues committees, and exploratory committees. Permanent Committee (PAC) and Executive Committee records are only presented in summary figures. The contribution records are available for download. If candidates submit financial records by using electronic filing software, the disbursement figures will also be available to download.


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Contact Our Staff


 John Steffen

Executive Director


 Rebecca Feland

Budget Analyst


 Emily Dennis

General Counsel


 Katie Flora



 David Simpson



 George Baker, III

Administrative Specialist


 Jeff Clark

Administrative Specialist

 Sandy Gibson

Administrative Specialist

 Bonnie Harris

Administrative Specialist


 Jocelyn King

Administrative Specialist

 Kristy King

Administrative Specialist

 Melissa Stinnett

Administrative Specialist

 Tom Messinger

Systems Engineer

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The offices of the Registry are located at:

140 Walnut Street
Frankfort, Kentucky

Phone: 502.573.2226
FAX: 502.573.5622

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
08:00am - 4:30pm ET

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