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Fundraiser Person

Candidates for an office in a jurisdiction containing in excess of 200,000 residents and candidates for statewide offices should be aware of the laws regarding persons who act as fundraisers. A "fundraiser" is defined in KRS 121.170 as a person who acts as a fundraiser by directly soliciting and receiving contributions for the aforementioned election campaigns. When a fundraiser directly solicits and receives contributions for a candidate in excess of $3,000 in an election, he or she is required to register with the Registry as a fundraiser and must file finance reports. Pursuant to the administrative regulations promulgated by the Registry, the following activities will not qualify a person as a fundraiser required to register:

  • Acting as a campaign treasurer

  • Performing clerical functions such as receiving contributions or preparing and filing campaign finance reports

  • Communicating an endorsement of a candidate or slate of candidates which indirectly results in the receipt of contributions, provided that the communication is not followed by one-on-one direct oral or written solicitation of contributions by the person making the endorsement; or

  • Acting as host of a social event at one's residence or place of business, provided that the host does not directly solicit and receive contributions in excess of $3,000.

Fundraiser Registration - KREF 019 (.pdf 27kb)

Registered Fundraiser Statement - KREF 006/F (.pdf 423kb)


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