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General Specifications and Data Relationships for Electronic Filing

Data Relationships

  1. The FS_FILER_SEQ and the FS_SEQ ties all components of a financial statement together. The FS_SEQ must be unique for each Financial Statement for a given FS_FILER_SEQ.

General Specifications

  1. The electronic file is ASCII fixed length.

  2. The Filer Seq (Filer Number) and Candidate Seq (Candidate Number) will be supplied by the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

  3. FS_OFFICE and FS_LOCATION are required if the filer is a Candidate.

  4. All codes must be valid, as provided in the Codes documentation.

  5. Valid receipts are determined by the type of Filer as shown in Code listing VREFVR.

  6. The Kentucky Registry of Election Finance will be responsible for providing the vendor with any updates to the Codes.

  7. The Financial Statement must contain an Organization name or an Individual name, but not both.

  8. All names consist of First Name and Last Name and where applicable are required. Middle name is optional and may contain a name, an initial, or a nickname. Punctuation is requested for an initial (i.e. M. rather than M). The name prefix is optional and if used should contain values such as Mr., Mrs., Honorable etc. Surname is optional and if used should contain values such as Sr., Jr., III etc.

  9. Mail Address 1 and Mail Address 2 are street addresses, Mail Address 2 is optional. Zip codes may be either five (5) or nine (9) characters in length.

  10. The naming convention will be as follows: Each of the five files required by KREF will be named by the filer number and the time in which the file was created and with a 2 character extension representing the file name.

    The time will be the time the file was created in hour/minute/second format. Assuming that our filer number is 12345, the date the e-file was created is 05/22/2010 and the time is 1300, each file would look follow the format of Filer Number_YYYYMMDDTTTT.

    EXAMPLE: (12345_201005221300.FS, 12345_201005221300.DB, 12345_201005221300.DT, 12345_201005221300.FE, and 12345_201005221300.RC)

  11. All five required files should be zipped into a file named filer number_time.zip EXAMPLE(12345_201005221300.ZIP) and placed in C:\KREF\EFILE 

  12. Both the original Financial Statement and all amendments to a Financial Statement should be submitted electronically.

  13. For amendments the FS-SEQ key and DB_FS_SEQ, DB_SEQ, DT_FS_SEQ, DT_SEQ, FE_FS_SEQ, FE_SEQ, RC_FS_SEQ, RC_SEQ must be the same as when submitted in the original report.

  14. Termination and Amendment designation should be used in conjunction with one of the other types of reports.

  15. Vendor software must reproduce a hard copy of the report for submittal to KREF and county offices.

  16. Receipts breakdown for the Summary Page for Candidates, Issues, and Exploratory Committees by receipt code. (Slate Summary Page is different)

    1a = 1,2,3,10,11,13,16,17,18,20,21,22,23
    1b = 12, 19
    1c = 9
    1d = 7
    1e = 8
    1f = 4,5,26
    1g = 6,24,25,27
    1h = 30, 31, 32

    (Candidates Only) The software must be able to produce 2 reports covering the same time period for 2 different elections. For Example: After a primary is over a candidate must submit a 30-day post report for the primary. During the same time period the candidate will most likely accept contributions for the General election, which will be an entirely different report with a different filer number.

  17. If a contribution is designated as "Unitemized" and "InKind" the contribution is not to be reported on the hardcopy report or the electronic file.

  18. When a candidate assumes a debt for his own $500 loan

    Create -500 Loan Receipt - RC Table
    Create 500 receipt from candidate - RC Table

    This is not a disbursement

    When a candidate assumes a debt that is not a loan

    Create receipt for debt amount - RC Table
    Create disbursement to who debt was owed - DB Table


Last Updated 6/22/2011
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