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Electronic Filing

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House Bill 939, passed by the 2000 General Assembly, now codified in KRS Chapter 121, required the Registry to develop an Internet based electronic filing system for candidates’ campaign finance reports, and an accompanying web-based searchable database.

The Registry has implemented the electronic filing and disclosure system, and it has been operational since January 2002.

KREF's electronic filing contact is Tom Messinger. Please call Tom at (502) 573-2226 should you have any electronic filing questions.

More on Electronic Filing Software

Electronic filing software is designed to assist candidates in complying with statutory reporting requirements and to streamline our office services to candidates and to the public. Some of the more helpful features of electronic filing software include the elimination of the need for manually calculating large totals, the elimination of typing or hand writing each entry, and the benefit of calculating contributors' contributions for cumulative limits.

When choosing which software to use when submitting your campaign finance reports to the Registry, please refer to the Registry's Approved Filer Software page.


Last Updated 10/8/2012
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