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Permanent Committee (or "PAC") Information

This page contains files for forms and publications of interest to Permanent Committees (Political Action Committee or "PAC"). Please contact the Registry if you cannot locate the form that you are seeking.

Definition of a Permanent Committee

KRS 121.015(3)(d)

…a group of individuals, including an association, committee or organization, other than a campaign committee, political issues committee, inaugural committee, or party executive committee, which is established as, or intended to be a permanent organization having as a primary purpose expressly advocating the election or defeat of one (1) or more clearly identified candidates, slates of candidates or political parties, which functions on a regular basis throughout the year…

PAC Information

The financial data provided at this website constitutes unofficial versions of Permanent Committee (PAC) election finance statements. The .PDF files posted are created by Registry staff and are provided for informational purposes only. This data is made available as a public service pursuant to KRS 121.120(4). The electronic documents posted at this site DO NOT CONSTITUTE THE OFFICIAL RECORD OF THE REGISTRY. Original election finance statements are available for public inspection at the offices of the Registry during regular business hours. For information on how to obtain a copy of an election finance statement, you may contact the Registry at (502) 573-2226.

Current PAC List (.pdf 191kb)

Current PAC List  (.txt file)

Forms and Publications


Political Committee Registration - KREF 010 (.pdf 417kb)
This form should be completed to register as a Political Action Committee.

Political Action Committee (Permanent Committees) Guide to Campaign Finance - KREF 016/P (.pdf 2051kb)
The Political Action Committee Guide to Campaign Finance is created and published by the Registry to assist Political Action Committees in complying with campaign finance laws and regulations. 

Permanent Committee (PAC) Election Finance Statement - KREF 006/P (.pdf 435kb) This is the set of forms that PACs use for reporting financial transactions of the committee to the Registry.

Instructions for Completing Election Finance Statement - KREF 006/P (.pdf 405kb) These instructions show the PACs how to complete the schedules in the Election Finance Statement.

Committee Update Form

The Committee Update form should be completed when there is a change in a committee’s designated officers or campaign depository (bank). Kentucky law requires that a committee designate a chairperson and treasurer (who must be separate persons), and an official contact person. NOTE: Executive agency lobbyists (as defined in KRS 11A.201) and legislative agents (as defined in KRS 6.611) are prohibited from serving as the official contact person of a permanent committee. In addition, if there is a vacancy in a committee’s treasurer, the chairperson shall be accountable as the committee’s treasurer, if the vacancy is not filled within three (3) days following the treasurer’s notice of resignation. See KRS 121.170.

PAC Financial Summary Information

The text file contains fields extracted from the financial reports submitted to the Registry of Election Finance. The file is a delimited file, with each field separated by semicolons (;). The fields are as follows: Summary Year; PAC name; Beginning Balance; Receipts; Disbursements; Ending Balance; Source of Funds; Major business, social, or political interest represented.



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