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Candidate Campaign Committee

KRS 121.015(3)(a), KRS 121.170, KRS 121.180(9)

A Candidate Campaign Committee means one (1) or more persons who receive contributions and make expenditures to support or oppose one (1) or more specific candidates or slates of candidates for nomination or election to any state, county, city, or district office, but does not include an entity established solely by a candidate which is managed solely by a candidate and a campaign treasurer and whose name is generic in nature, such as “Friends of (the candidate),” and does not reflect that other persons have structured themselves as a committee, designated officers of the committee, and assigned responsibilities and duties to each officer with the purpose of managing a campaign to support or oppose a candidate in an election.

If a candidate or slate of candidates authorizes the registration of a campaign committee, a Political Committee Registration form (KREF 010 or KREF 010G) must be filed with the Registry to provide the necessary information regarding the organization of the committee. The chairperson and the treasurer of the campaign committee, who must be separate persons (see KRS 121.170(4)), must both sign the form.
Additionally, the candidate or slate of candidates authorizing the committee must also sign the Political Committee Registration form and the Waiver from Filing Candidate Election Finance Statement (KREF 011). By signing these forms, the candidate or slate of candidates agrees to comply with KRS 121.180(9), which states:
  1. The candidate has an authorized campaign committee.
  2. The candidate shall surrender possession of any contribution to the treasurer of the principal campaign committee within five (5) business days.
  3. Contributions received by check, money order or other written instrument shall be endorsed directly to the committee and shall not be used in any way by the candidate.
  4. No contribution shall be commingled with the candidate’s personal funds or accounts.
  5. The candidate shall not make any unreimbursed expenditure for his or her campaign.
  6. The waiver shall continue in effect only as long as the candidate complies with the conditions set forth above.






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