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Unauthorized Campaign Committee

KRS 121.015(3)(a), KRS 121.015(12), KRS 121.170, KRS 121.210(4)

An Unauthorized Campaign Committee is a campaign committee consisting of one (1) or more persons (including corporations) who receive contributions and make expenditures to support or oppose one (1) or more specific candidates or slate of candidates for nomination or election to state, county, city, or district office without the authorization of any candidate or slate of candidates.  The name of a candidate or slate of candidates may not be included in the name of an Unauthorized Campaign Committee. See KRS 121.210(4).

An Unauthorized Campaign Committee must file a Political Committee Registration form (KREF 010 or KREF 010G) with the Registry to provide the necessary information regarding the organization of the committee.  The chairperson and the treasurer of the Unauthorized Campaign Committee, who must be separate persons (see KRS 121.170 (4)), must both sign the form. 

An Unauthorized Campaign Committee is formed for the purpose of making independent expenditures only and is not authorized by a candidate. See discussion in Registry Advisory Opinion 2010-001 and Citizens United v. FEC, 130 S.Ct. 876 (2010). An Unauthorized Campaign Committee may accept contributions from corporations and is not subject to contribution limits, but may make only independent expenditures. In addition to registration and periodic reporting using the Registry’s Election Finance Statement form (KREF 006), an Unauthorized Campaign Committee must file a Report of Independent Expenditure form (KREF 013) when the committee’s independent expenditures exceed five hundred dollars ($500) in any one election (See KRS 121.015(12) for definition of independent expenditure).

Reporting Dates apply to any Unauthorized Campaign Committee which registers in a year prior to the year in which the committee will commence its activities.
In order to search for specific unauthorized campaign committee information on the Registry's Online Searchable Database, under "Other Searches," select "Organization."  Enter the unauthorized campaign committee's name for "Organization Name" and choose "Issues Committee" as the "Organization Type" then select "Search."  A list of registered unauthorized campaign committees may be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page.  This list is periodically updated.  For more current information regarding registered unauthorized campaign committees or to request a copy of a specific committee's campaign finance report, you may call the Registry at (502) 573-2226. 





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