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Online Election Finance Training Seminar

The Online Election Finance Training Seminar will bring candidates and their campaign staffs up-to-date on campaign finance laws and help them understand what is statutorily required.

Candidates and their treasurers will learn:

  • Essential elements of the campaign finance laws
  • Duties and responsibilities of a well organized campaign
  • How to recognize and report a contribution
  • Expenditures that are allowed and those that are not allowed
  • How to complete the campaign finance reporting form

The Election Finance Training Seminar provides answers to questions such as:

  • How much money can an individual contribute to my campaign?
  • Is the money I put in my campaign account considered a contribution or a loan?
  • What is an in-kind contribution and how is it reported?
  • How will the electronic filing software assist with filing my campaign finance statements?
  • What does the disclaimer on advertising need to say?

Registering and Getting Started

Before viewing the Online Election Finance Training Seminar, you will need to create a username. This will allow you to stop and exit the training at any time and as frequently as desired. When you log back in using your username and the password you created, you can resume viewing where you left off. Without this username, you would need to finish eleven (11) modules in one sitting to receive credit for attending.

How to Register and Navigate the Online Election
Finance Training Seminar (.pdf 596 kb)

The Registry recommends that you download our Candidate Guide to Campaign Finance (2011 edition). Everything covered in the Online Election Finance Training Seminar can be found in this guide.

Online Election Finance Training Seminar 



Last Updated 3/24/2014
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